But I Guess It's Time To Change That =)
Published on January 22, 2006 By Rutabaga64 In Wildlife
I was fiddling around with my account at Wincustomize, finally realizing that I can definitely change my user name that's displayed (I wanted to get rid of the old Jinn Fizz handle because, well, it's a long, tragic, and boring story), and I came to also realize I haven't posted here in my blog at JoeUser for over a year. Shame on me! So time to change that.

But how to start? Ah, well, how about a safe little bunny picture that I just thought was the cutest thing in the world when I saw it a couple of weeks ago....

And I'm gonna do my best to post here more often, I dunno what exactly I'll post about, but I can always find things to bitch and moan about, trust me.

on Sep 03, 2006
Maybe a good way to start a regular posting habit is to pick a favorite forum then go from there?

Welcome Jinny.
on Sep 10, 2006
What a delightful picture!